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.25 oz.


Power Tools GOD Gray Oxidizing Drops Gray Oxidizing Drops (G.O.D) is used in any manufacturers color to cover resistant gray hair. Permanent, demi and semi-permanent color performance is improved by adding G.O.D into the formula. The Red Color family is especially enhanced and intensified when G.O.D drops are included. Maximum color absorption with shortened processing time is achieved by mixing G.O.D and TCA (The Color Accelerator) into the color mixture.

G.O.D is compatible with all shades of color and with all POWERTOOLS products. Adding 3-5 drops of G.O.D to shampoo refreshes red and warmer toned colors.

As with all Dennis Bernard products G.O.D is color friendly, helping to lock in hair color and to prevent color fade out, guaranteed.

Power Tools GOD Gray Oxidizing Drops

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