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Bob, Sheila + Hunter Spruce



In 2015, Hunter, Bob & Sheila Spruce started Code Eighty. They had been in the salon distributor & beauty supply industry for most of their lives and wanted to bring customers a higher level of service than they were seeing in the industry. Code Eighty brings quality products that will help you succeed in your salon. They bring new and unique classes and shows to keep stylists educated, motivated and connected to their community of local stylists. They vow to be your salon's LIFELINE in any way they can. Allow Code Eighty to be there for you - to supply products and salon needs, education and connection to other passionate stylists in the DFW area and beyond!

Hunter Spruce

Hunter was born into the industry and has been there ever since.  He started calling on salons with his dad, Bob, before he can even remember.  Growing up, he spent summers visiting salons with his dad. In Lubbock, while in college, he worked for a distributor delivering to salons. That progressed into sales. Hunter had a thirst for knowledge and immersed himself in the beauty industry, learning as much as he could. He has built his career on customer service and sharing knowledge. He strives to help his customers with everything from color formulations to maximizing salon profits. Hunter's passion is helping his customers build and grow their businesses.


Bob Spruce

Bob entered the industry in 1984 when he opened a salon distributor & beauty supply company with his uncle.  He immediately fell in love with hairstylists and the salon industry. He wanted to learn as much as he could, not only about products but techniques, and to share that knowledge with hairdressers and cosmetology students. After 30 years, he's still learning and sharing. Bob prides himself on being one of the few reps who can teach hair color and formulations, which is a much needed skill with the abundance of fashion colors. He enjoys putting on shows and bringing like-minded, passionate stylists together to share their knowledge and experience. 


Service is his middle name and the code he follows is: "Do what you say you're going to do." Bob has always followed this code and believes it should be expected of everyone. The beauty industry is all about passion for others and that's why he's found his career so rewarding. Raising a family and watching them learn & work in the family business has made for an amazing life.

Sheila Spruce

Sheila started in the salon industry by taking cosmetology in high school. She quickly fell in love with the artistry of styling and coloring her clients, friends and family.  She loved making women feel beautiful. Her biggest dream was to be a stay at home mom. When she had their daughter, Megan, she was able to do that for 18 years. She & Bob have been married for 30 years, so even from home, she was still very involved with the industry. She loves Bob's passion and excitement for the salon industry and that helped her stay current with trends, techniques and products. Sheila loves helping stylists find products that help them save time, improve their services and ultimately make more money.

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