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Copper Barrel

Natural antimicrobial and heat transport element

Coated Copper

Clear sealant to maintain ideal properties over time

Waved Nylon Bristles

Superior grip during blow dry

Insert Bar

100% boar bristles for sleek finishing

Full Barrel Bristle Coverage

No distance between lip and barrel to fully utilize barrel surface

Copper Core Barrel

• Heats hair 30% faster!

• Superior material temperature control

• Destroys 88% of bacteria and fungus

• Also used in dandruff shampoos to prevent itching and flaking

Boar Bristle Strip

• Two-in-one technology

• Blow-dry with ionic nylon bristles

• Grip and shine hair with 100% boar bar

FROMM 1907 Copper Thermal Brush 3.5 Inch

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