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1.25 oz.


TCA processes permanent color, semi-permanent color, demi color, bleach, foil & high lift applications in 4 to 10 minutes when added to any manufacturers products in conjunction with low heat (super resistant hair allow 12-14 minutes). "TCA" drops used with any manufacturer's slow or fast color or bleach products, holds color longer virtually eliminating color fadeout. Reds included! "TCA" drops used with any manufacturer's color or bleach products will super-silky condition hair immediately, with amazing results. "TCA" drops used with any manufacturer's slow color or bleach products can process color/bleach three ways: 1. As specified on manufacturers color/bleach package (30-45 minutes processing) 2. When used with a plastic cap and body heat (half the processing time) 3. Using a low heat dryer, steamer or lamps (ten minutes or less processing time with 15 or more holes in plastic cap). "TCA" drops added to any perm neutralizer's (3-5 drops/shake well), will make for dynamic wave/curl patterns, with less relaxation and an immediate super-silky hair condition will result, that you can see and feel. "TCA" drops applied to any moisturizing conditioner's and wrapped with a wet squeezed steamy towel, will allow hair to become super-silky conditioned, where you can see and feel results immediately. A value added service for extremely dry damaged hair.

Power Tools TCA The Color Accelerator

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