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Oster 76059-226-000 Driftwood Limited Edition T-finisher Hair Trimmer. Like a pair of old jeans, a classic motorcycle or favorite pair of shoes, everything feels a little more comfortable when it's been around a while...vintage is what we call it these days. Oster's limited edition clipper is no exception. Designed to have the look and feel of a tool you'd find in your grandfather's garage, these cool limited edition clippers provide you with the reliable and true performance of Oster Professional, just styled to fit the look you are most comfortable in. Oster's T-Finisher trimmer offers a Whisper Quiet pivot motor, and T-blade ideal for detailing, trimming and all around finishing.


  • Whisper Quite Pivot Motor
  • T-blade Trimmer
  • Ideal for Detailing, Trimming, and Finishing
  • Limited Edition

Oster Driftwood Limited Edition T-Finisher

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