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Mini Brushes: These dazzling mini glitter brushes are available in three transparent colors, including Sassy Pink, Electric Blue, and Royal Purple. Create new looks for clients with ease using the ultra-soft-feather bristles for blending and creating perfect transitional shades.


Mini Bowls: This collection has three mini interlocking color bowls with non-slip rubber rings which connect an unlimited amount of mini glitter bowls for easy handling.


The Glitter Mini Trio is the mini version of Colours by Colortrak. It contains everything you need to get through the holiday season in style, making this the perfect gift for hair stylists this year. 

Because you can never have too many glitter brushes!


Colortrak MINI GLITTER Trio includes:


  • 3 mini glitter brushes with colorful feather bristles
  • 3 mini interlocking color bowls with non-slip rubber rings
  • Connect an unlimited amount of bowls together for easy handling
  • Ideal for mixing and applying smaller amounts of color

Colortrak Trio Mini Bowls & Brushes

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