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Bask in the luxury of this aluminum 13 by 18-inch tray top where you can keep your color bowls and brushes, hair clips, and combs. Or maybe you're not a stylist, and you need somewhere to keep your nail lacquers and art brushes while you beautify people's hands and feet. You can adjust the "Spiffy's" height from about 2 to 3 feet so it can help you out at pretty any level you're working at. It also has a full 5 star wheeled base, so it's steady enough to hang a few things off the side, and you can easily roll it around with you.

Sturdy aluminum tray
Adjustable height
Great for hair coloring or chemical bowls
Smooth rolling five-star base

Aluminum Tray Top: 13" x 18"
Adjustable Height: 28" to 38"
All dimensions listed are approximations

Metal Top Tray

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