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Model HTS1403

Three Size Rollers

Heat Conductive Clips with Tourmaline

Fast Heat Up (3 minute)

20 Flocked Rollers in 3 Sizes

6 Ft Cord with storage compartment

1 yr warranty

Unique Light-Up Front Panel. Illuminated Ready Light when completely heated

Duo Heated System: Radiates Heat (Heat Conductive Plates + Heated Roller). Heat conductive clips radiate deep-penetrating heat to the outside of the hair while the rollers generate heat from the underside, forming curls instantly. This locks-in long-lasting curls within minutes. Creates soft, shiny, beautiful curls.

Clips Heat Up! Heating plates on the clips have tourmaline and provide a second heating source to form curls fully. The outside of the hair is heated for faster results. Easy to use hinged clips hold roller securely in place.

Flocked Rollers surface helps firmly grip the hair and is easy to roll-up. Rollers provide high heat to lock-in the curls for long-lasting styles.

When heated, Tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions and far-infrared heat rays. This helps smooth and seal the hair cuticle while forming beautiful, long-lasting curls.

Hot Tools Professional Hair Setter with 20 Flocked Rollers

Hot Tools Professional Hair Setter with 20 Flocked Rollers

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