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Introduction of Dorco Prime Platinum (Model No. ST Premium)
- We are glad to introduce you our latest development ""Prime Platinum"" Double Edge Blade which will become synonymous with the Premium Double Edge Blade in the world.
- Prime Platinum is a new innovative product manufactured by Dorco, significant advancement in shaving performance&softness.
- Prime Platinum is covered with the Double Coating which provides the soft shave and resistance-corrosion.
- With the Double Coating and the new advanced blade, enabling the thinner & finer edge can cut efforlessly through hair with less skin-irritation & weepers.

- Pictogram describes its functions  
- Usage of the Hologram sticker to prevent from the forgery

- DORCO CI & Prime printed with Blue colors

 - Soft Shave and Reduce Skin irritation
- Excellent Sharpness & Remarkable First Cut
- Long Enough to Shave

Dorco Stainless Blade Blue Double Sided #ST300 10ct.

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