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The ultimate shear combines technique with ergonomic perfection.  The revolving thumb offers the stylist complete mobility to creat any cut with ease. V2 is the only shear that is completely reversible. The ergonomic and cutting benefits translate 100% to both right and left handed sylists - no compromises.


V2 offers the superior edge of its Maximum Convex Duridium blades and cryogenically tempers them to increase wear resistance and blade life up to 400.

The cut-away design of the V2 Power Step Blades realigns and centers the power and weight of the blade while allowing it to narrow and taper more proportionately.

Also, the ride area incorporates channels of silicone treated Nulon for smooth, effortless action and reduced wear.

The unique function of the Leaf Spring Tension Plate and Knob spread the tension pressure across the entire length and width of the pivot area. The outcome even blade wear and extended edge life.

Centrix V2 575 Vortex 5.75" Shear

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