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The Centrix Roc-it Dog 360 Pivoting Thumb Shear is the newest edition to one of the most popular shear brands in the professional salon industry. This brand targets fashionable and hip stylists looking for a great performing shear at the mid-price range. The Roc-it Dog 360 combines technique with ergonomic perfection. The revolving thumb offers the stylist complete mobility to create any style with ease. Techniques such as a slide cutting, channel cutting, chip cutting, are as easy as a flick of the wrist.

Model# 5517653

Precision cast convex blade

Low Stress Pivoting Thumb rotates 360 degrees

Advance Ergo Arc Offset Handle

Removable Finger Rest

Tension Knob allows customization cutting for every hair texture

Tighten for fine hair, loosen for coarse hair

Centrix Roc-It Dog RS 600 6" Shear

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