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Boar & Nylon Bristle

With magnetic therapy handle.

ITech's Magnetic Tourmaline Boar & Nylon Bristle Brushes are good for you and great for your hair. The nylon bristles grip hair without tangling while the boar bristles give added shine. You can style with ease as the magnetic therapy handle relieves tired and painful wrists.

Warning: Ceramic barrel may heat up when using in combination with a blow dryer or any other hot air tool. Avoid contact with skin when hot.



• Nylon bristles manage tangles while boar bristles add shine
• Tourmaline promotes high ionic activity
• Ceramic barrel distributes heat evenly
• Magnetic handle acts as therapy to ease painful and tired wrists
• Lightweight, comfortable handle

  • Available Sizes: 2 1/8", 2 3/8", 3 1/4", 3 3/4", 4 1/4"

ITech Round Brush W/ Magnetic Therapy Handle

PriceFrom $10.80
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