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Powered by the revolutionary MaxLife PRO brushless engine, designed in cooperation with FERRARI.

The ItaliaBrava guarantees maximum performance with stronger air pressure, faster airflow, less vibration and lower noise, and up to 10,000 hours of high-speed drying. A Nano Titanium infused grille for superior heat transfer, ionic generator to maximize hair’s shine, and a lock-in turbo boost for peak drying power complete this professional luxury dryer.

Faster… Lighter… Quieter… Longer.

-Available in Yellow & Black

-Made in Italy
-2000 watts
-Nano Titanium & ionic technology
-6 heat/speed settings
-Lock-in turbo boost
-Cold shot button
-2 variably shaped snap-in nozzles
-Limited 4-year warranty
-MaxLife™ PRO Brushless Engine

-4 high-strength, rare earth magnets eliminate carbon brush breakdown
-Lighter weight, high efficiency motor lasts up to 10,000 hours

BabylissPRO Italia Brava Dryer (Ferrari)

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