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4Bond LIfter with Molecular Bonding Additives is a new dust-free formula that provides brighter and superior lightening results. Its concentrated formula is smoother with a non-drip consistency that delivers a more precise, controlled application.

-This powder lightener lifts up to 9 levels and will achieve various effects. From the subtlest of highlights all the way to the purest of platinum in one simple application.

-4Bond Lifter with Molecular Bonding Additives unique formula removes direct die color.

4Bond Lifter with Molecular Bonding Additives stays moist and creamy throughout application and processing, so there is no remixing needed during service. Provides maximum versatility for professional on-scalp & off-scalp highlighting techniques.

Processing time is reduced considerably when using TCA, The Color & Lightener Accelerator.

-Lifts up to 9 levels
-Fortified with quinoa, keratin, baobab
-Rich in amino acids for extreme conditioning
-Provides brighter lightening results
-More precise
-No remixing needed during service

4Bond Lifter 1 lb.

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